Types of Analytics

In any business or industry the first and most important tool you have to measure the performance of the business is the performance of Analytics. This is so because without such tool we would not be able to evaluate the performance of the business, and without the measurement of the business, we cannot measure the performance of the business’s employees.


As a business owner, it is your right and obligation to keep track of the performance of your company, and one of the most common tools for doing this is Analytics. Analytics is a form of technology that allows you to measure the performance of your company. With Analytics, you can have a complete overview of the business’s performance and make important business decisions based on this information. By doing this you will be able to gain insights into the strategies you can adopt to improve the business, and if necessary make changes.

There are many types of Analytics and each type of Analytics is used for a specific purpose and business. There are many types of Analytics available, like, Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Intelligence (CI), Economic Analysis (EA), and Financial Analysis (FA). There are also many types of analytics available for various types of companies, such as; Automotive, Consumer, Financial, Energy, Medical, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Software, and Technology. In this article I will be focusing on a few of the most common types of analytics available.

Economic Analysis. This is one of the oldest forms of analytics available. Businesses usually gather data on the performance of their business and their employees to determine what their competitors are doing and what they can do to improve their business. The objective of this analysis is to determine what type of strategy to apply to improve the business, and what type of employee training is necessary to keep the employee’s motivated and to increase their knowledge about their specific industry. This analysis also allows businesses to determine if they are being charged the right price by their competitors, which can have a dramatic effect on the profitability of the company.

Customer Intelligence. There are many ways for a company to gather customer data and analyze it. For instance, many companies obtain customer information through direct marketing and through customer service programs. However, other forms of data gathering and analyzing methods such as loyalty programs, product sales, and customer satisfaction surveys are also used.

Economic analysis is used in many types of industries such as financial, medical, energy, transportation, and software. These industries are all businesses that have an effect on the global economy and their competitiveness. By knowing how they are doing financially they are able to make important business decisions, such as, by increasing their sales, lowering their prices, or creating new ways to increase customer satisfaction. Customer analysis is also used by banks and other financial institutions to determine how to increase their loan acceptance rates or to ensure that they receive the lowest interest rates.

Financial analysis is used in many types of industries and businesses. For example, a financial company may gather data on the performance of their business, the activities of their employees and their clientele, and the trends they are following in order to make business decisions. This analytics will allow the company to determine how they should improve the operations of their business and make important changes to increase their overall profitability.

Both Customer Intelligence and Economic Analysis are important to the success of any business. Without these tools we would not be able to effectively perform any of these functions and would be unable to make important business decisions.